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your Anchor

She said baby you're my river
I said baby I'm you're drain
She said baby you're my color
I said no, honey, I'm you're stain
And I said baby you're my diamond
She said no baby, I'm just a pick
I said well baby, you must be a magic
She said no I'm just a, I'm just a trick

(c) Asaf Avidan

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"Она удивится, узнав, как много мы ей не сказали."

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In this shirt I can be you

And I've bled every day now, for a year, for a year...
I did send you a note on the wind for to read.
Our names there together must have fallen like a seed.
To the depths of the soil buried deep in the ground,
On the wind, I could hear you, call my name, held the sounds.

I am lost.
I am lost in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone...

(c) The Irrepressibles

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Don't let the clouds disturb you.
Don't let the clouds disturb your eyes.

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see through these eyes that make me weak

Come hear the clear of nothing but silence, a cheer beneath an ocean of hunger.

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I'm hiding in this empty space, tortured by my memories of what I left behind.

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Heather Nova - I need an island

There are parts of me he'll never know, my wild horses and my river beds, and in my throat voices he'll never hear.
He pulls at me like a cherry tree, and I can still move but I don't speak about it.
Pretend I'm crazy, pretend I'm dead. He's to scared to hit me now - he'll bring flowers istead

I need an island, somewhere to sink a stone
I need an island, somewhere to bury you,
Somewhere to go

And the dogwoods shimmer in October sun, "oh sweet thing", he sings to me,
"You're the only one."

I need an island, somewhere to sink a stone
I need an island somewhere to bury you,
I need an island, somewhere to sink a stone
I need an island, somewhere to bury you,
Somewhere to go.

And I don't know why I can't tell my sister, He spat in my face again, and I don't want to die here.
You know that dream when your feet won't move, you want to come but your body won't let you.
He steals it from me.He steals it from me. It shines like sweat, like jewels, like something that has died to soon.
He fucks with the beauty. A kiss, a kick, a kiss, a kick, a kiss kiss kick. He steals it from me. It's out of my hands again.

I need an island, somewhere to sink a stone
I need an island, somewhere to bury you,
Somewhere to go, to go.....

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Why can't you just love her?
Why be such a monster?
You bully from a distance
Your brain needs some assistance.

(с) Muse

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Я тебя так ждал, часто умирал.
Где же ты была так долго?
Я тебя так ждал, тлел, не догорал,
Ну где же ты была так долго?

(c) Б7

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Here comes the rain again...
Raining in my head like a tragedy.

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You make me sick, because I adore you so...
(c) Muse

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You drained my heart, and made a spade,
But there`s still traces of me in your veins.
(c) MM

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We have to succumb to
the feelings we can never face.
I need you. I breathe you.
I can’t go through this all again.

(c) Seether

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I only wish you weren't my friend,
then I can hurt you in the end.
(c) Slipknot

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Даже стулья плетеные держатся здесь на болтах и на гайках.
(c) Сплин

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And the rain will kill us all
If we throw ourselves against the wall,
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me.
(c) Slipknot

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Я поцелую провода, и не ударит меня ток.
Заводит молния меня, как жаль что я её не смог.
(c) АК

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